21 comments on “about”

  1. Site should have info on each team leader, link to their websites.
    Do participants have a choice/multiple choice of who they would like to have their team leader?

  2. Do we need to apply or register early?

  3. All the best for this wonderful initiative…

  4. Any limit on number of participants for the workshop?

  5. It’s a very nice workshop. I am practising architect. How I could be part of this workshop? Am I eligible to work in a team with these experts?

  6. can i join as a observer?…i am neither young architect and a student!..please let me know the participation fees also..

  7. Hello.
    I would like to know where n when the workshops are going to be held, plus for how long.
    Thank You.

  8. i am an architect from basngladesh. how can i join this workshop? When it will start? Whats the registration fee?

  9. are pdf formats of resume and questionnaire allowed as there are chances of particular font not being available in ms word ? Praveen

  10. i like to know more details regarding this like the fees,to whom to approach,almost all the details like the last date what are the details etc

  11. sir is it too late to register now? im a third year student at school of architecture and planning chennai.

    • Yes you are indeed late. The participants were selected in the first week of september itself. However you can attend the final presentaion (were the projects developed during the workshop would be presented for the public) which is on the 29th of september at thrissur.

      See you there

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